A Night With Diwali

I’m writing this after quite a long time but this was quite a shot to be shared with all so this is for those people who feel this festival within…

It was the night where people in India are waiting for the night AND there are people who are against for its purpose. Of course, fireworks are no good for the environment but we can atleast try to be reasonable with this but we never are, LOL!

Finally, the night arrived; everyone around with exhilaration and joy with loads of crackers with em, enjoyed their night.

This time with me, it was quite different and unexpected; I got shifted and less neighbours to enjoy with. My sister and her friends were enjoying it, all fireworks around. I had one thing prepared on my mind; Diwali always makes me remind of Katy Perry’s Fireworks, and I sworn myself, that I will make that apt, make the song feel within, darn worth it is. I climbed up my terrace with my headphones sitting on a higher level edge, where I can see my town enjoying the festival.

I was glancing around, marvelling the happiness within, fireworks in sky, shamelessly measuring people’s happiness and of course, the song, apt for the situation, when it hit the chorus, I was like as if I was the one from Renaissance and hit realization of something. I got satisfactory thoughts.

Even if we’re so tangled with our lives, sometimes next to hell, we never are able to share our sadness, guilts and when it comes to festivals, we’re together just for pretense of nothing, so mercurial outside.

And as song says, blast out like fireworks; to show people actually who you really are and you can see people from above, really knowing your own self and shine like moon.

Also another one, you blast like fireworks, people know you and in no minutes you disappear and people forget you.

People in daily lives are ‘shelved’. But when festivals like these arise, people are humans. Every religion, every grandparent, every youth, no tension of homeworks, bullies, burdens, duties, or breakups, every child with parent from their houses burst crackers, no matter who makes em spark in the sky, no matter from what corner they are burst, every corner, every place shines and altogether make one beautiful, unforgettable scene…

So many theories in just a firework. Depends how they take it.

This was the night of Diwali for me, just a song takes me there into a unimaginable world, no matter I didn’t burst crackers, after all who gets interested when you gets to experience these moments, the happiness of a such day, happiness of being humans just for the night…!

The night was young, unforgettable, when there’s a day, of being humans.

Instagram: @priyaranderi

Β© t_r_a_v_e_l_l_e_r

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