First Sight (Part: 1)

(Anonymous Perception)
It’s unreal to even know that today I’ll face…world. Yeah, it sounds crazy but it’s literally true. The best sight I see is my Dad; and if I’m not mistaken…I see happy tears in his eyes as he looked at me as if I were the best being on earth.

I expect him to say, “How’s you?” or “How you’re feeling?” but instead I got to hear, “It’s bad out there, you know…”

Complete silence. He repeats it again in the same shuddering tone. I quite wasn’t able to put up with it. But after a while again he said, “Yet…you deserve to see…come.”

I had this anticipation since last two days. Last two days of hope. Two days of hope; of what this world would be and today, all will come true! I sit up, curl my fingers, toes, flail my legs and look at them. Excited, I get up and look myself in the mirror.

It was even more unbelievable that I looked good enough than I expected. I tell happily, “Let’s go!”

I looked down towards the floor, the way my feet landed alternatively on their sides, then looked towards front.

I watched women and men in whites, some of them with colorful clothed beings, some with shaped devices, which I assumed people and my parents called nurses and doctors.

I reached towards the big door which completed the entire hospital area with stairs, which was fun to climb down while looking down. The stairs ended and I looked around.

Fantastic. That was the word in my head first or I could name. The building behind me resided in front of a massive lake.

The sun was setting below the lake giving away the reflection away of the pinks, oranges and blues of the sky. My hands clapped to my mouth to the breathtaking view ending in front of me.

Reality was so much better than the fantasies. There were people like me and others, busy in their chores, enjoying their walks, gossiping, oldies feeding to creatures in the lake, happy smiles, older ones frustrating, some busy in devices, one pondering to elsewhere, younger ones playing around…

It was a satisfactory sight.

It was hope, joy, happiness, understanding, satisfaction, concentration somewhere…even I got to see a fight suddenly turning into a hug between two beings.

So I concluded somewhere in this sight. The world…bears everything…both good and bad.

And emotions are unseen and actions are crystal clear.

It was just a lake I saw. I wanted to know more…see more…understand more..the existence which exists to everyone.

Since I spoke last in the hospital till now, I squeak again, “It’s beautiful, daddy! I can’t wait to see more!” He smiles and replies, “Come on, let’s go!”

The first time I saw him visibly happy; which now made me think what did he mean by those words in the beginning when I saw him for the first time.

They had meaning. A deep one. And I had plenty of time to know it. But right now, I sway my daddy’s hand happily and hop further…
(End of Part 1)

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Β© t_r_a_v_e_l_l_e_r

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