Faded Colors.

I used to message him when I thought he might’ve forgotten me, used to call him whenever I missed him a bit more; I used to talk whatever was going on in me, with me, around me, I used to make plans of what we’d do when we’ll meet. It was all there, the excitement, the happiness, the anticipation but when the meet was invigorating and later subsided to daily being in one place, I knew…I knew I lost what we had or should I say he lost what we had, by fading away? as if I was a daily newspaper you just look at everyday and move on? And when he felt something different after many days…he felt what was not present and started getting cranky and chatty of what he was not having without giving a care to know why did that happen of all the things. But he didn’t get one thing…that he lost the one thing he had, already, than he knew.

Instagram: @priyaranderi

Β© t_r_a_v_e_l_l_e_r

2 thoughts on “Faded Colors.

  1. This reminds me of some indecisive guys that I used to date in my college days… but now, it really feels good when you can already detect red flags before taking the plunge again

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