When her soul left her body, she tiptoed towards the sky and sat on one of the clouds, gazing at the play below her. One was crying, one was trapped in silence, others were staring into nothing and everyone maintained their postures.

The soul felt free. The soul was content. It was carrying burdens. Burdens of responsibilities, duties, formalities. It wanted a last look at her past, to kiss it goodbye happily. For what it was worth, for the lessons it taught, for some chunks of happiness she achieved and what not. It didn’t miss them. It respected for where it is now. It’s now a part of the universe. Ready to let go towards infinity.

It smiled contently and turned it’s back, raising towards the sky, disappearing in the amount of sparkles.

Instagram: @priyaranderi

© t_r_a_v_e_l_l_e_r

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