I actually got this idea from a friend. She was telling me, her mom got to knew whatever she was doing at that moment, was precious to her but she reviewed it as, “It makes no sense.” It soured my mood. And I had my Eureka moment, when my friend told me this and I started typing it up.

I mean, do we always act on things because they make sense all the time? We have our answer; we don’t. We just move with the rhythm, and feel to do it and we act on it. That’s it. We don’t need to reason everything we do or explain it to everyone. But then we don’t have intentions to be rude to anyone, but their default curiosity sure is.

But no, the curiosity of the people always works the either way. And to comfortably fit in, we try to ‘adjust’ by our choice of words. That’s just ridiculous.

We always tend to do this in smaller situations, and the moment someone else get a wink about it, they bombard you with questions. Children and Teenagers, are the big examples; it’s their age of building lives. They’re sure a subject to be questioned about anything they do. And they will experiment, learn, experience new things.

The best example occurred to me is Unconditional LOVE. Does it need any reason to happen? It just happens. You don’t have any reasons. And you don’t need any. Such innocent and beautiful it is, without any complaints, conditions or barriers.

Who knows, when we’ll get rid of such comments or ideals like that and questions relatively. But the foremost importance is, we shouldn’t judge ourselves according to other’s eyes or mindset. Just be who you want to be, without needing any reason to explain of what you do and what you want to be.

There’s much sense in non-sense. There’s sense in non-sense! It doesn’t need reasons or explanations!

Thanks everyone for your time to look upon a thought, that’s worth pondering. Have a good day everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Non-Sense

  1. Amazing and so very much a BIG struggle for many of us. We think it’s so difficult to just be and when you finally DO accept it and take that step…it’s the most freeing feeling in the world πŸ™‚

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