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Right now, at this very moment, I’m going through this very phase where I just don’t know what to do with myself. It all feels like… Nothing.

Nothing to express, nothing to give, nothing to tell, nothing to spend, nothing. Although, I’ve got stuff to do like complete my recent sketch I started like a month ago, which I haven’t touched since, study, duh or I could hangout with my friend, but I don’t wanna as we got into this fight and haven’t talked yet. Music has started to sound boring these days, as if I’m listening to the same tunes everyday and technically, yes.

I haven’t started any we stuff or projects lately, but I completed the previous ones. Sometimes, I even feel as if I lost my interests in indulging or participating.

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I’m grasping straws now. Straws that are unknown and could lead me to a new land. Yes. That’s what I’m doing, I guess. I cook regularly now, which I seldom used to. To distract my mind, to enjoy what I enjoy to do, to make my family happy; they love my cooking!

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I was even strongly engaged to this crime fiction book I was reading yesterday, which I completed in one whole day. Today, I only wrote this blog and nothing. And I have my sketch book beside me, so after I finish typing this, I’ll finish with the sketch and post it on all of my social platforms.

Maybe it must be winter. I hate winter and monsoon. I love summer. Winter makes you feel cold and heavy with sweaters, thick clothes and sleepiness.
Maybe, that must be it.

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I’ll get my grip back soon, but not now. It got out of my hand due to this emotional tantrum I was going through, I was stuck in it since last 4 days and I still haven’t gotten over it completely…time is healing me…taking the horror away day by day.

Although I’m happy about the things that were left incomplete, got resolved and now all I have to do is get over my hangover of 4 days and get myself in control. Hoping that happens soon.

Glad you were a part of reading this summary of my current happening.

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6 thoughts on “Empty

  1. Your graphics are perfect for this post! I just might be winter blues. You know trees pull into a dormant state during winter. I know exactly what you mean. I do that about twice a year. So be kind to yourself and things will change.

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