How the roles have been reversed these days. We are caged in our houses for our health’s sake. But I think this was meant to happen someday or the other. We needed a slapping wake up call like this.

In Gujarat, India, just recently we had 2 positive Coronavirus cases. 1 in Surat and 1 in Rajkot and in next 12 hours, it increased higher than 5 cases. In this whole scenario, we Gujaratis were just being normal, as if nothing happened. Living our lives as if all the problems were far away. We alerted when we got to knew 2 positive cases and were getting ready as if some festival, for the Janta Curfew organized by our Prime Minister.

You know there was are times when we are so done of the monotony we live everyday and wish for a vacation we dream to have. We are fulfilling that time now. But with a price. A sacrifice. Price of our lives. And by the 10th day of quarantine, the other countries are spending, they can’t wait to get back in gear. I’ve been bored out of my mind by the 6th day, doing all sorts of stuff I can. Binge-watching, reading day and night ’cause I can’t help myself! and eating food as much as I can! One thing that’s gonna change is my electricity bill, which will increase due to my TV usage almost 24/7.

Source: bbc.com (Pinterest)

It feels like World War 3, but with ourselves, fighting for our lives. But have you noticed the environmental impact it had on nature? Pollution levels lowered in China due to shutdown and no human interaction to the world physically. There are many positive changes to the environment that are occurring around the world; the another one I read was waters are getting clearer in canals of Venice and many other positive incidents.

The one lesson, nature is making us learn and begging us to listen is to let it breathe, let it live and let us realize that trapped in a circle of earning and living and sacrificing valuable natural resources which is priceless is not worth living. Although, it’s inevitable that we have numerous needs to make our lives better and easier but we can also not let nature to degrade with our development, when it already sacrifices enough for our comfort. We need to cherish our mother Earth and develop together in order to thrive and live longer and happily and make this Earth a global village in aim to spread peace, love, humanity and friendliness.

We know this surviving between walls for unknown days is going to be harder each day but we will overcome this too and come out stronger and more aware.

Remain safe and healthy and pray this pandemic disappears.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe. Happy Quarantining!

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