The Essence of Discovering

We often underestimate our capabilities for the heights we could reach. Yet we are so smoothened in normalcy that we sometimes deny the best opportunities coming at us. And then there are days, where we crave to be someone. Someone who can conquer and control and have what they want to. To prove what is wrong and what is right.

Sometimes I think, these cravings are related to our childhood dreams. Childhood is the chief link to who you want to be in a simple understanding without any explanations. As time passes, the ideas change into several possibilities, yet we fail to discover our purpose on the way. Thus, we start to experiment with different ideas, to know if we could match our passion with it.

Some are lucky, who at least know their purpose of who they want to be and they get on the hustle towards their destination. And for the rest of us who are still finding the purpose of life are yet discovering. But the essence of discovering makes us an ideal human being, passing through distinct situations and backgrounds, framing it as a colorful journey.

We know, we face many merits and demerits coming with it and the typical human nature of a particular human would be, of focusing towards the pain we go through in this entire journey, just to discover our purpose on life and thus, we stop giving importance towards the best experiences and events occurred in our lives, eventually.

Well, not even God guaranteed the life as smooth sailing. But one thing we could easily learn, is to face whatever life throws at us daringly. We may get our hearts broken by some outcomes but the number of tries are always worth one day. That one day, would be the day of our success, considering the numerous experiences and lessons we learnt along the way. Thus, it only gets easier than those who already know their purpose. Because they face the same difficulties we faced while discovering, without any experiences or anecdotes.

But lastly, we all have the same destination, whether the road is twisty, rocky, long or short; they have their own set of challenges, respectively. The same destination of success and comfort in life. Life will always be filled with passion, challenges, questions, hidden advices and opinions, like a treasure hunt. Now, it’s upto us, if we’re up for this game of treasure hunt called life. If we’re strong enough to trust in ourselves, strong enough to hope, strong enough for ourselves, strong enough to feel, strong enough to understand and strong enough to live through barriers.

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