How’s Life for now.

Happy Sunday, y’all. It’s been long for me being here. And there’s A LOT GOING ON this year. 2020. Coronavirus. People Dying. Kashmir. Black Lives Matter. India vs. China. Locust Invasions. World Economy turning tables. More children possibly will die ’cause of malnutrition and lack of food. WHO screaming warnings. Environmental Departments from all over the world scolding to take care of the world or this might be the new norm. Surprisingly veterans and celebrities dying. People getting on track. Work and Study from home.

And you all must be aware that working and studying from home IS NOT EASY. It’s mind and energy consuming and necessarily multitasking sort of thing. So yeah, this pretty much sums up this year. Nothing new. Nothing interesting. But just the climax version of whatever’s happening.

I haven’t been posting much since last month and I’ll only be able to post on Sundays now because of this new norm of studying online. Which gave them a great advantage of using it to their side. I have 3 lectures everyday with their daily assignments. So, I’m pretty much done with that itself at 6 in the evening. And then I surf for a while. Then it’s evening, doing dinner, spending time with family, watching TV and go to sleep and the same thing ALL OVER AGAIN, EVERYDAY.

The one amazing thing I achieved in this is: STABILITY. In all my life, I’ve never been stable. It was all like, ‘face it and deal with it when it comes to you’. I was doing things and other chores when they came to me. And it used to leave me so tired and exhausting, that I couldn’t do anything at the end of the day. Just some handful of stuff. That’s it.

I know you also must be having a repetitive schedule because of these critical situations and the way it’s affecting the mind is something I don’t want to talk about because the more you reveal yourself to it, you’re on the verge to give it up from which you’ve been trying to work to keep things normal and in order, so your life doesn’t fall apart.

Here, I felt the emotion or feeling those animals go through when they are trapped in cages. For life. What they must be going through, when their freedom is snatched away in seconds by humans. I seriously felt that and maybe took an oath mentally to not keep any animal as a pet. Freedom is precious and such a gift.

This will pass too. It’s a phase. We just need to hold on. Keep patience. And hope for the best. And solve our mistakes we’ve been committing towards nature and the environment since forever because she’s on the rampant, taking her revenge left and right!

Hoping y’all are doing okay and will be okay and try to be calm and content and happy. Stay healthy. Stay safe.

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