Snippets #8

Losing is a part of the process to win. I think it’s a stereotypic misunderstanding that losing and winning are two sides of a coin but they’re actually not. It’s a stepping stone to success. If we won’t lose, would we value, achieve or respect winning? Losing is important, in order to win. If we keep this in mind, we would save ourselves from a lot of sadness, so-called betrayal, misery, doubting our hard work and vice versa.

The concept of winning and losing was so deeply engraved in our minds by the society, by the people, that we started giving unnecessary importance to both the terms, exaggerating them, leaving us in a pile of emotions and feelings, unable to deal with losing, which the society and the people failed to teach us, unable to solve, magically vanishing into air, unable to give advice or a solution to deal with it. We’re all on a journey, not in a casino. It’s simply, “If we commit a mistake, we should and can solve it.”

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13 thoughts on “Snippets #8

    1. Yeah! We need to start thinking quite simply than making a big deal about almost everything… Thanks for stopping by! 😊


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