Musings #7

In these trying times, it’s rare when we have to keep our prides aside and think and care for the people, for the humanity. That’s what is happening in the world right now. But I think that’s a good decision as it ties all loose ends and brings us all together with no grudges or ill will. Yes, there are complications due to inadequacies but the most beautiful part is when someone, anyone, fills that requirement for the sake of YOUR good. So, there are lacking elements and fulfillment at the same time, in the vicinity of this disaster, which surely showed you the true colors of many people too and is also bringing the right nations, the right people together. And I think we needed this reality check, so we don’t float away in some fictional world we created around us to believe. Not happy days, but times of disasters like this can truly bring people together and make us united.

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an entity of CONTRADICTIONS. out now.

Β© t_r_a_v_e_l_l_e_r

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