One Year Anniversary! – an entity of CONTRADICTIONS.

an entity of CONTRADICTIONS.

My baby turned 1!!! Yes! She’s 1 year old! Still unbelievable that I had the courage to something huge like this. I remember dedicating my long nights to this, and when I faced several little dilemmas and enjoying at the same time, writing different incidents and stories, using inspiration from the places I visited and some short bits from my life as well, hidden intricately. And now, when I look at my creation, I feel so proud, binding my faith that it really doesn’t matter what others think of whatever I do, what does is what I choose for myself. I was quite hesitant to even do this, but still held my breath and took a leap of faith. And here she stands taller, 1 year older!

On this memorable 1 year anniversary, for the first 100 buyers, there’ll be 15% discount! Yeah, you heard that right! DM me or Email me to get your discount as soon as possible! Available on Amazon. Aaand don’t forget to rate me on Goodreads as well! Have a good day!

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