Snippet (The Drawings) #2

Life has many definitions to offer. Life is happiness to some, can be success, or is even money to many. Let’s take this for an instance; Happiness. Happiness is undefined too. Little joys can bring happiness, something valuable can also bring happiness; the main point here is these terms have no universal definition. They can be explained by many ways. It’s not trapped in the only walls what people strongly follow.

I wanted to convey this during this lecture by the volunteers of @heartfulness_surat I attended. And they were quite insistent on the fact, that happiness is only attained by spirituality and I’m not disagreeing with the fact either. But there are many ways to enjoy life, achieve happiness and it’s so not necessary and it’s so not possible that one can tame you to the way of enjoying life by the only one way. Because if we do get tamed anyhow, we’ll easily lack and ignore the understanding and experience to discover life, and that is what I believe. I shouldn’t say this upcoming fact, but they kept on going to ‘advertise’ what their organization is all about, which is basically all about spirituality. And they lacked to explain the easier and other ways which were nothing to be concerned with their organization, to enjoy life, but rather preferred the ‘high’ way which lacked perspection, experience and the very essence of life.

Just want to conclude now, that if one basically could look upon life without any protection shields covered on them (which made THEIR lives better) or any stamps of THEIR doings on everyone’s heads AND JUST tried to ponder upon a typical person and what it really needs, they would love THAT quality of honest talks and interaction and really support/advice/help/GUIDE to make LIFE more enjoyable, than directly skipping people to the last term.

Β© priaranderi

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