This rain,
crying with my irritation,
interrogating my choices.
The choices which led me to this moment, are enough to make me weep.

Even sunny days feel neglected,
with all the energy of ignorance and embarrassment.
Filled with desperation, transforming you into someone else.
This is the test,
where you choose to give up or be yourself.
The battle between the want and the filled well.

The betrayal is unbearable, I know
It’s easy to avoid than to experience and feel.
But it’s inevitable,
a poison to die withering.

You find yourself staring at the rain,
finding solace,
a companionship,
a friendship;
“Hey Sky?, you lonely like me?
Then let’s share our pain together.”

This rain,
crying with my pain.
A daily traveller,
looking upon me,
for a day.

Instagram: @priyaranderi

Β© t_r_a_v_e_l_l_e_r

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