Only If It Could’ve Been…

“He drained his eyes when she came back for him. Her eyes burnt bright, regaining her strength.

They saved themselves. They sacrificed ego, pride and hesitancy.

They kept staring with power, into each others’ eyes even when the world started burning behind them.

No more. I can’t take it anymore. I should be damned to hell after what I did. He confessed, tears welling up his eyes.

She couldn’t keep it in anymore. She started crying too and lifted her hand, wiping up his face. Hey, if you go to hell, I’ll join you there too. No matter what happens, we’ll be together. Forever.

He couldn’t help his smile. He agreed. Forever.”

She couldn’t help but write the excerpt in her diary. Another entry. The entry inspired from what could have been. Only if it would have been.

She couldn’t help but weep. Too much caring about reputations and always unforgiving. She couldn’t. She knew she took the right step. But only if he understood. For her. Only if it would have been.

Β© priaranderi

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